Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's cold.

And by "cold" I mean biting cold. The kind that makes your skin hurt when it's exposed.

My day started with a pleasant surprise... A two hour late start for school. That's how cold it was this morning in the Twin Cities. Late start really means that school districts are waiting to see if it will warm up a little so that little children can safely stand at their respective bus stops. If it doesn't, then school is cancelled. If it does, then the day commences- albeit two hours later.

It warmed up. Or at least, the sun was shining.

This was the temperature in my car when I pulled into school this morning.The temperature was -7, but it was the windchill that was the real problem. That was reported as -35 degrees.

That was the start to my day. So chilly that even Dixie had to wear her fleece coat.

It was a crazy day at school. My teaching partner has been out sick this week. Some interesting subs have shown up. Let's just say that I miss her.

I finally wrapped things up and hit the road about 4:45pm tonight. I hopped on the interstate, only to find a virtual parking lot. Apparently a semi had started on fire, and so all lanes were closed and traffic was routed on the shoulder. It took me an hour and forty-five minutes to get home. It normally takes 20 minutes.

I was spent.

I came in the house, dropped my backpack, and went to collect the mail.

There it was....
A special sussy just for me.

Thanks Allison! Snazzy new fleece jammies, and a special collar for Dixie!

What a fun ending to a hard day. :-)


Just an update... Dixie's tail is better. She's not so leary to ride in the car. Time heals.


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh gosh I wish I had some fleece jammies to wear tonight - I am sitting here with two threadbare flannel nightgowns on , one on top of the other and may have to hit the sack early just to keep warm.
It was just horrible at the busstop today. I was completely covered up except for a tiny area around my eyes (I mean, like I did have to see ya know) and the cold was piercing. I don't know why I'm telling you this when you already know........
So nice that Dixie got a gift also - she must have been pleased.

Stay safe.

Donna said...

What perfect timing for warm fleece jammies! And how nice that Dixie got a gift, too. This sussy thing is great, isn't it?

Cody Turner said...

I have those jammies as well. I also have monkey house shoes to go with them and bought a sock monkey at target.

landileigh said...

wonderfuly sussy! i bet dixie will look gorgeous in her new collar. and i'm glad to hear about her tail. i'm wearing my new shirt at the diabetes expo, so expect to see it in Manny's next podcast!!

Allison said...

Hi Molly!

I'm so glad you got your surprise! I forgot to mention that I have the sock monkey ones, as well. They crack me up! Hope Dixie likes her collar.

:o) Allison

Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome sussy!