Thursday, January 10, 2008

The life and times of an amazing dog

Happy New Year. Late. But it’s still a new year, really…. Just ten days into it after all.

Dixie and I had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time with family. Dixie so loves the “opening presents” part of Christmas. She is so funny to watch. She will be sitting calmly, and sees someone start to open a present. She darts over to them and attempts to get her nose in whatever part of the package or bag that she can. She acts very disappointed if the gift is not a toy for her. As she only got a couple presents, we starting “regifting” some of her old toys—putting them in bags so that she continually had something to open. Nutty dog.

We came back to school last Wednesday after 11 days off. I thought that Dixie’s eye was unusually goopy, and needed to be wiped many times throughout the day. Finally in the afternoon, I called the vet and made an appointment. We went that night, and found out that poor Dixie had conjunctivitis. (doggy pink eye) She had ointment to be applied twice daily. It has finally cleared up after a week on the medicine. (and no, the kids at school didn’t catch it from her because it’s not communicable)

I am hooked up to my new Cozmo. All is well. I got some Isocks from my sister (little socks to put your iPod or iPhone into) , and found that the sock is also the perfect size and shape for my insulin pump. I like having my pump “in” something if I decide to store it in my bra. Otherwise, the plastic on bare skin really bothers me. Diabetes infiltrates even Christmas presents.The longer that Dixie and I are together, the more I appreciate my “furry blood glucose monitor.” (especially after seeing the photo of the CBGM sensor site on Amy’s site! Yikes!) She has gotten very particular about her desired range for my blood sugars. She is alerting if I am over 140, and under 80. She isn’t happy unless I’m in that range. Last night, I ate a low carb meal. (tilapia and a medium sized salad that had lettuce, ½ cup tomatoes, and some cucumbers on it) I decided I should only bolus for 15 g. carbs. I pulled out my pump, and Dixie started hitting me. (as if to say, “I can read your body. You don’t need the bolus dummy!”) I didn’t bolus. An hour later I tested. Blood sugar = 90. See what I mean?!

She is really very skilled.

It’s would be kind of scary.

But it’s not. It’s just really, really cool!

(and she just does it. No big deal to her.)

Dixie Tidbit:
(o.k... this entire post has really been about Dixie :-)
Dixie loves to roll in the snow. Especially when it's hard and crunchy. I'm not sure if she is scratching herself all over, or just enjoying it like kids do when they make snow angels!


Jonah said...

So she gets the connection between your pump and your blood sugars. That is cool. That is really really cool.

Denise said...

I have to agree Dixie is an amazing dog. and so cute. I sure wish she could teach Bailey how to do that. She just hits me when she wants a snack. I think all diabetics should have a dog instead of a meter. ;>)

Bernard said...


Thanks for the great pictures. Dixie has some great abilities, you're blessed. And I'd take a beautiful dog like her over a CGM any day of the week.

Minnesota Nice said...

Didn't you get the fancy food scale last CHristmas? It's tough to be reiminded of db, even through the holidays.

I do think Dixie should have the letters "GP" following her name ( i.e., "genius pooch")

Donna said...

Your Dixie is amazing & oh so cool!

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is pretty amazing, and she is really very talented.

Very cool.