Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Places

Life has been crazy.

I bought a new house and am moving. Working a full time job while trying to pack and move has been exhausting.
(That's Ella in the new dining room!)

The official moving happens next weekend.

Dixie has been working overtime. Lots of low, lots of dropping. I think that she's getting a little fed up with me.

Hopefully, the new backyard (that is already fenced in!) will make up for all the chaos.
I had a little eye scare yesterday. On Sunday night, the vision in my left eye was blurry. I thought maybe it was just eye strain or something. I went to bed and when I woke on Monday morning, it seemed better. I arrived at school and noticed that things were blurry again. I kinda freaked out, imagining the worst case scenario. You know--retinopathy, going blind, losing my job, etc. I called the eye doctor and told the nurse about the blurry vision. I "mentioned" that I have diabetes, and BAM, she was able to find an appointment for me that afternoon. I left school a little early and went to the appointment. They checked for everything. In the end, the doctor (who was a jerk) said that I have no retina problems (retinopathy or detachment) or optic nerve problems. He thinks that I have an upper respiratory virus and the swelling in my sinuses, etc is causing the blurred vision. He said that if it isn't better in a week, to come back in to see the vitreous/retina specialist. It doesn't seem quite as bad today, so I'm hopeful it's just the virus theory.

I think that Dixie is finally at her "full" weight. She has been weighing in at around 65 for the last several months, so I think that is her adult weight. When I got her two years ago (at about 15 months old), she was only 45 pounds.
My father went Elk hunting in Idaho (or somewhere like that...) a couple months ago. He shot an elk, and brought home about 250 pounds of meat. I accumulated some of it. I'm not a very adventurous eater, but did try some. It's mostly beefy tasting. I have a lot of it...so I started cooking up some of the more random cuts and giving them to Dixie. SHE LOVES ELK. She's a finicky eater, but Elk is her thing.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Molly! The house looks gorgeous! Congrats!

Glad to hear the eye thing was nothing serious, even though the doctor was a turd.

Colleen said...

Sorry about your eye issue - BUT - very excited for you and your new home. How nifty!! Enjoy it.

Sandra Miller said...


Congratulations on the new digs! The place looks lovely (I'm a sucker for hardwood floors :-)

And I'm so relieved to hear that your eye issue wasn't anything serious.

Donna said...

What a great place with such a cool back yard! I'm jealous! I'm sure Dixie & Ella will love it.

Hope the eye situation improves. That can be so scary.

Molly said...

Thanks. The house is amazing. Maybe the next MN OC get together will have to be at my house. :-)

Thanks. I'm so hoping the eye issue just clears up.

Two words. Brazilian cherry. There are hardwood floors all over the house. I'm a sucker for it too!

Thanks. I know that Dixie loves it already. When I left the house after being at it with the inspector, Dixie looked at me as if saying "why are we leaving this great place?!"

Amber-Bams said...
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Amber-Bams said...

Hi Molly!
I was having some issues with the first comment, major typos, sorry.

Congratulations on the home; it looks amazing!!

Thank goodness the blurry vision wasn't serious. :) After the move I am sure your eyes will feel a lot better. I know when I've got a lot going on my eyes get tired easily. Hang in there and good luck with the official move!


Minnesota Nice said...

OMG looks like you are way out in the country. How nice - I love the windows and all the sun coming in.
I think it's soooo weird when you go into the doc for a scary symptom and he looks in for 10 seconds..........
Do you think you could have dry eye syndrome? Do you have any allergies? My vision blurs when the tears do not flow smoothly over the eyeball, but it helps to put some drops in and blink a lot.

Enjoy your new home, Molly.f