Thursday, January 24, 2008

Puppy dog tails

I officially have the crud.

With all the talk of illness around the OC lately, I was bound to catch it! It started on Saturday with a good, old fashioned head cold. Now it’s moved in to my chest, and I have a barky cough. Ugh. Monday was MLK day. The kids had the day off of school, but teachers had a technology workshop. I was able to make it through the morning presentations, but left early to go home and rest on the couch.

Dixie had an unfortunate event happen to her last week. I was ready to go to work in the morning on Thursday. Dixie and I were in the garage. I loaded my backpack (full of a day’s worth of diet mountain dew) and then opened the back door for Dixie to jump in. I shut the door before her tail cleared it. Oh, man…it was like it happened in slow motion. I could see that the door was going to close on her tail, and tried to grab the door. I didn’t get it in time. Dixie cried, and jumped out of the car. I petted her and tried to console her. I told her that it was an accident. She reluctantly got back in the car. Dixie is a back seat rider. But this morning, she slinkered up to the front seat. She stood on the seat and stared at me, as if saying “You IDIOT! Why did you hurt me? Why did you do that to me?!” I petted her and she finally sat down. I looked over at the passenger window. It was covered in blood. Her tail was bleeding. When we got to school I was able to see the owie, and apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. Later, I took her outside for our morning break. She rolled in the snow and pranced around happily. When she came inside, I noticed that the entire tip of her tail was bloody. We had to make a quick stop off to the nurse’s office to clean her up. Dixie doesn’t normally like riding in the car anyway. Now it’s an event to coerce her to get in the car. The last couple mornings she has run back to the house (from the garage) in an effort to avoid getting in the car. Poor Dixie.

I finally finished my “secret sussy” project, and will pack it up to mail it this weekend. It’s been a fun project. Thanks for organizing that Amylia and Beth!! What a great idea!

Driving to work this morning, my car thermometer said -15 degrees Fahrenheit. IT IS SO DARN COLD! Even Dixie is moving quicker outside. Apparently it’s supposed to be a balmy 11 degrees later today. Gosh, do you think there will be indoor recess?! I think so.



Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage - to hear that you've got the crud. That stinks and I hope you feel better soon.

Poor Dixie! Man - I flinched just thinking about it.

Donna said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear about Dixie's tail. Ouch! But dogs are very forgiving. It won't take her long to get over it. I'm sure she's forgiven you & loves you anyway. :)

Colleen said...

Hope you're over the crud soon.
Kids aren't as forgiving as dogs... my son still remembers the time his finger was caught in a car door. I had the same feeling, saw it coming and couldn't do a damn thing about it. Hope Dixie heals quickly!

Minnesota Nice said...

Woohoo - 14 degrees above zero in the core city - and the bag boys at Lund's were carting groceries out in short sleeves! I know if it gets in the high 20's over the weekend people will be jogging around Lake Calhoun in shorts (and maybe a stocking cap).
I hope Dixie is all better by now.

Enjoy the weekend.

Bernard said...

Ouch, poor Dixie and poor you. You must have felt terrible.

I hope she's well on the mend. And I hope you're starting to feel better.

landileigh said...

after getting the wonderful sussy, (THANK YOU!) i had to find your blog. dixie is AMAZING! i'm so glad you found each other. btw, i will never remove her picture from the frame, as it will always be a reminder of my d-friend across the country. i hope her tail heals quickly.

much love!