Monday, December 22, 2008

Seriously Cold

If you're having a hard time reading that temperature... it's -10 below zero. The wind chill is -25. It's so cold that Dixie had to wear her fleece coat today.

That was the temperature as I was driving to school this morning. Yep... driving to school. Here in Minnesota, we don't cancel school for a paltry -10. Heck, we don't even start late. We just get on with business.

Stay warm!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's been a busy December

Whew. It's been a crazy month.

I have given up on quick sets. I used them for about 10 years without issues. Then, in the last 5 months I’ve had many kinked sets and problems with quick serters. I’ve been exploring other infusion sets. I’m really quite a whimp about trying new things--especially diabetes stuff.

I contacted Smith medical and got some free Cleo samples. I nervously inserted the first one last weekend. Cleo’s don’t have a spring loaded inserter. I did it. It wasn’t so bad. I did it a second time. It was o.k. I started thinking how convenient it would be to bring Cleo’s on my wilderness camping/canoeing adventures. Today I received some Inset samples, and plan on trying them before I decide what infusion set I want to make my “regular.” Anyone have any experience with either Cleos or Insets?

It’s amazing how difficult it has been to make new motor patterns. I have been using quick sets for so long, that it was hard to grasp the new way to disconnect the Cleo. Instead of being mindless, I had to think about it each time that I disconnected and reconnected.

A woman that I work with has Type 1 diabetes. She is in her mid fifties, and has had diabetes for forty-plus years. She just found out that she has stage 5 end stage renal disease. Her kidney function is at 9%. According to her, she has two months to find a donor kidney for transplantation before she will be forced to dialyze.

I’m sad for her. It’s a frightening position to be in.

I’m sad that my colleagues believe that kidney failure is inevitable when you have diabetes and beyond control, and that I can expect the same thing to happen to me.

Work has been busy.

I’m not done shopping for the holidays.

There’s a significant winter storm heading my way. Tons of snow, and then cold wind to blow the snow around.

I’m tired and ready for Christmas vacation. Two days of school left and then I’m off for 12 days.