Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October decisions

My life has been crazy since my last post.

I’m super busy at work. Too many kids, not enough time to help them all.

Here’s what’s on my schedule of things to figure out right now:

1. Dixie needs a Halloween costume for school. Two years ago, she was a clown. Last year, she was a skunk. She doesn’t really like things that attach to her head, as most “dog costumes” in stores seem to require. The skunk costume was perfect—all I had to do was spray some white hairspray on her back. I guess that she could be a zebra and I could spray lines all around her, but the hairspray takes a while to come off, and she’d have lines on her until July. I need an idea for this year. Anyone?

2. My Smith Cozmo pump warranty expired. I got the form filled out to get a new Cozmo, but then I started thinking. The new pump that I get will be mine for four years. That's a long term commitment. Should I be exploring other pump options? I’m not sure how I feel about the Omnipod—it seems so obtrusive. I don’t want a Minimed pump. I know, I know, I could be continuously monitoring my blood sugar with their pump. I just don’t like the company. That leaves Animas and Accucheck as the other major competition. I like my Cozmo. I like Smith Medical as a company. Does that mean that I just get another Cozmo? How do other people choose their pump?

3. I’d like a new job. Working in public schools is depressing. Public schools are broken. It’s becoming darnright impossible to do what’s best for kids. And, what you ask, keeps me tethered to this job?? The health insurance part. I hate diabetes for that.

4. I need to figure out some low carb breakfast options that can be eaten in the car on my way to work. I sleep as late as I possibly can. I shower and dress like a frantic maniac so that I can get out the door. I never “cook” breakfast. I rely on breakfast bars, dry cereal, or other carby items. I don’t like the protein bars. The texture makes me gag. I have found a microwaveable pita and egg sandwich that is pretty low in carbs. (18g) I need some new ideas.


Dixie and I are starting to work on the “bring me” command. I’d like to teach her to bring me a little bottle of Gatorade when I’m low. She has GU in her vest, but she doesn’t wear her vest at home. I was thinking of putting several little bottle of Gatorade in a basket on the floor. (I can’t use juice boxes because Ella, my rat terrier, would chew them up)

Dixie likes learning new things, so I bet this will happen pretty quickly.


Minnesota Nice said...

I always think Dixie looks so very regal and therefore she should go as a queen with a crown and cape........but, it probably wouldn't work with her not liking something strapped on her head.

I too tolerate my job because of the health insurance.....sigh.

Amylia said...

You are so blessed to have Dixie. What a wonderful pet.

I was a public school teacher, too, and I echo your sentiments exactly, though now in the state of Wisconsin at least (which is where I was teaching), they're messing with our health insurance. It's still good, but not as good as before, less coverage, more copays, etc. Grrr...dam diabetes, eh? :)

Bernard said...


I'm hoping to start on a new Cozmo 1800 next week. And I went through the same thoughts as you. I mean this is something that I'll wear for 4 years - about 35,000 hours.

I managed to get to try out an Animas 2020 as well as the Cozmo. I decided the OmniPod form factor wasn't for me. And I really didn't want the new Minimed. I'm still annoyed at them over how they handled the upgrade for the thing I'm wearing now. It was out of date within about 6 months of me buying it and there was no low cost upgrade options 3+ years ago.

So I'm going with the Cozmo and I can't wait to be wearing it.

And I so love Dixie. She sounds like a great dog.

Do you want to enter some photos in our diabetes365 project? You could just post a daily photo of Dixie! :-)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I LOVE my Cozmo and if you are happy why change?! About the Dixie costume - I can just see her in a pink ballerina skirt! Wow! Maybe you could use pink socks as ballerina shoes.....

Krystal said...

Hey Molly,
I have 2 comments for you :)
Breakfast: We sleep as late as possible too. This week I threw some stuff in the blender for a breakfast shake, left it in the blender, suck blender in fridge overnight, and gave my shake a quick spin in the morning. Breakfast prep took less than 30 seconds. I put some fruit and silken tofu (soft kind) with milk and a little juice, but I'm sure you could do a protein shake or something. - drink it in the car and go!

In august, we taught Schatzi to fetch juice boxes. It wasn't that hard either. I'm sure that Dixie will pick it up really fast! Gatorade bottles might be hard to carry, but maybe you could find some mini ones. Schatzi did not do well with gatorade bottles, but Dixie looks like shes a bit bigger and stronger than Schatzi.

here is Schatzi with her juice boxes:

Chris said...

.5 I love dixie

1. Tie a yellow and red scarf around the neck and go as harry potter.

2. I am not going to talk about pumps until emma can say it without us. ;) so i will skip this one.

3. I left ups and they had the best health plan. i am missing that terribly. But i dont miss a job i dont like whatsoever. You will manage if you decide to change jobs. The decision you make on this will be the right one.

4. Do what emma does...lol...a tube yogurt and a glass of chocolate milk..shes good till snack time!

5.5 Dixie is awesome.