Monday, October 1, 2007

Diabetes Dreams

Molly’s Top Ten Diabetes fantasies:

  1. Eating a carbohydrate-laden snack without caring what the carb value is, what kind of bolus to give, or when I’ll need to test next to find out if I gave the right amount of insulin.
  2. Taking a shower without a quick set sticking out. And it doesn’t count to take a shower without the quick set because it’s infusion set change day. I want to take a shower not thinking of where to attach it next.
  3. Having pre-filled insulin cartridges. (for you Minimed users—that means filled reservoirs) I get so sick of filling those things up. I always need one filled at the most inconvenient times!
  4. The calluses on my fingertips melt. That way I would be able to use depth setting 1 on all of my lancet devices like all my non-diabetic friends are able to. (when they ask eagerly if they can try testing, and I have to change it to #1 and they bleed profusely. I have it on 3 and barely can get a drop sometimes.)
  5. Not worrying if a pair of pants has pockets on both sides to put my pump in, depending on what side of my body the infusion set is in.
  6. Going on a camping/canoeing trip without having to stash GU packets in every backpack; without having to think which side of my stomach to put the infusion set in so that it won’t rip out when I throw the canoe up over my head; without having to pack excessive food “just in case” I’m low a hundred times; and not having to bring every diabetic supply under the sun. (infusion sets, inserting device, quick acting insulin, syringes, test strips, alcohol swabs, lancets, ketostix, back up blood glucose meter, long acting insulin, and pouches to keep them all waterproof and temperature controlled.)
  7. Being able to take a nap because I’m sleepy without wondering if I’m sleepy because I’m too low or too high, or dropping.
  8. Using the bathroom without thinking about how far I can pull my pants down (with my pump in the pocket of my pants) without pulling my infusion set out, or without having to figure out what acrobatic act I need to do to get my pants down without ripping out the set in the first place.
  9. Drinking whichever soda appeals to me when I go to a convenient store to grab a cold one. There are more choices of diet soda than ever before, but never the kind that looks so good when I’m standing at the case. (…like Tahitian Treat. Man, I’ve always wanted to drink that)
  10. Having a poke free day. No testing, no set changes.


Dixie’s fantasies:

  1. Molly listens the first time that I alert her, and not 10 minutes from the time I start pawing at her.
  2. More time at the leash free park. Man, I love to run!
  3. Liver. I love liver.
  4. More camping trips. They are so fun.
  5. A bigger back yard. See #2.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Molly, your numbers 4, 5, 8 and especially 7 spoke to me! Skye LOVES those dry liver bits too. I cannot blab b/c I have had a horrendous day of hypos and I am exhausted. Is this the beginning of a decrease in insulin levels or just a weird day?! I am too tired to start analyzing now...... I just know these hypos are TOO MUCH! They have no pattern. They are happening for no explainable reasons

Donna said...

Number 4 was the big one to me on your list. I would love for my fingertips to look like other people's fingertips - nice & smooth.

Minnesota Nice said...

I would add: having the extra $1800 a year that I pay out of pocket on db and being able to blow it on anything I wanted.......

Emma Sanders said...

LOL, I agree completely! Especially about the infusion sets, coming out, wondering where to put them, the fingertips...Ahh, we can dream, right?

Amylia said...

This was a very poignant post for me. Thank you for writing it. It's those simple pleasures non-diabetics take for granted. I am eating some Cheetos right now and feeling SOOOO guilty and wondering if my sugar will spike. I'm on my 4th shot of the day, and have at least 2 more ahead of me. I miss the pump, but not the crazy maneuvers I had to do while on it. I am dreaming of pumping again soon, and even better, being diabetes free.

Hope you post again soon! I really enjoy reading your blog, though I seldom comment!