Monday, January 15, 2007


I LOVE using my new excel logbook, courtesy of Kevin at parenthetic-diabetic. It’s awesome. I have just been keeping it open on my computer, and when I test (or slightly there after) I put my number in its spot. Last week’s average was 121, and the weekend average was 100. It’s been a long time since I had an average. I use 4 different meters, so I have always approximated the averages. I love seeing the graph, and being able to follow trends. I use a Mac, and have felt limited with the programs that I could effectively use. So Kevin… THANKS for sharing!

It is freezing cold here in the Twin Cities. The temperature right now is 12 degrees, and the wind-chill is way below zero. We also finally got snow last night. Dixie is in seventh heaven. She loves to go outside and run around. She rolls in the snow like she’s scratching her back. She puts her nose in the snow like she is hoovering, and comes out looking like she has a milk mustache. It’s very cute.

Dixie and I had our first Agility class last night. I decided that it would be a fun way to keep up on her obedience work. It was fun, and she seemed to love it. I took her vest off, and she ran around with the other dogs just like a puppy. I might be biased, but I think that she was the best one in the class. ☺

I didn’t have kids at school today. We had a workshop day with many different speakers. It’s kind of a hard kind of day to have a big, black dog. I’m carrying around my backpack with my laptop and school supplies, but also with rawhides, blanket, and water bowl for Dixie. I felt like I was juggling whenever I went from one room to the other. We didn’t have many breaks…so I had to just sneak out a couple times to let Dixie outside. She is really well behaved, but needs a break just like the humans do. (have I mentioned that she LOVES the snow?!) About 1:45, she did her thing. She got up from the floor, sat on her haunches and hit me with her paw. I know the signal well. I got out my tester and checked. Blood sugar was 73. Not super low, but I still had a little insulin left on board from lunch. I had an airhead candy, turned my basal down for a 1/2 hour, and Dixie went back to her spot to lie down. Someone sitting behind me leaned in to ask if Dixie had just alerted me. I said yes. She said it was really cool to be able to watch that. We’re glad to be able to teach.

(I wanted to put a photo from agility class last night, but none of them really turned out. So I've attached a photo from Halloween because it's so darn cute. Dixie went as a skunk)


MileMasterSarah said...

I wish you were a sp. ed teacher here in st cloud with my sandis! he would love your dog. He takes some instructions so seriously, and not touching people's dogs without asking he has always been serious about. Thank you for leaving so many nice comments on my blog!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I use Kevin's WONDERFUL logsheet too. I keep it on my computer desktop. I totally adore it and find the "all weekday sheet" really helpful for judging if basal or meal bolus changes are necessary. Eating the same breakfast and lunch every day and similar dinners every day makes understanding the bg values simpler. This graph is the best!

So you are a sp ed teacher. A friend of mine in Sweden, actually she is the Mom of my daushter's husband, is currently writing her doctorate thesis on special education and the advantages of keeping sp ed kids with other kids b/c this helps everyone become a better fuller person. Yes, and it is also important to provide motivated, well-educated teachers and facilities..... Gosh Sarah is your neighbor, almost, too!!!

Kevin said...

You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome.

And (as always), if anyone else would like a copy, just give me a holler at: