Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I made it through my appointment with my endocrinologist. All went well. (last week’s blood sugar average was 119!) The only snag was that it took two pokes to get blood drawn. Yuck, that creeps me out. That is a great time to have a big, black dog. I focused my nervous energy on petting Dixie, and she helped calm me.

The weather in MN is brutally cold right now. I was hoping that school would be cancelled Monday or Tuesday, but no luck. A friend of mine lives in Michigan, and she has had school cancelled the last two days because of the cold. The weather was colder here. Go figure.

It’s a hard time of year. Cold, dark, short days. I feel constantly exhausted, and overwhelmed most of the time. The end of the quarter was two weeks ago, and with that means quarterly progress reports for all of the kids that I work with. That’s basically a story about the progress that each kid has made for the last couple of months. It’s overwhelming to do them, but feels so great to get them done and out to parents. School is very busy right now too, with many assessments to do and kids to deal with that don’t have recess because of the cold weather. Thank goodness that there are only a couple of more weeks until spring break.

Winter gets long, doesn't it?

*5th grade students in my writing class answered this question today. "Would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $50,000?" One boy wrote "...yes, but the bowel shood be rely small!" (the bowl should be really small :-)


Last school year, one of my students was in my classroom with me. Dixie kept alerting me and alerting me. I kept testing, each time being in the zone. After several minutes, the student fell to the floor and had the first seizure that he has ever had. Dixie lay on the floor next to him, with her face next to his. When he “woke” up, I walked him to the nurse to rest. Dixie hopped up on the cot, on top of the student, and refused to leave until his mom arrived. Then she hopped off on her own. This particular student LOVES Dixie and was thrilled that she sat on him. I was lucky enough to have my digital camera with me and got a great picture of the two of them. Dixie really is “the dog of all dogs.” What an amazing soul she has become.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

AMAZING DOG - Do I lover her as much as you do? Dogs - they are the BEST!!!!!!!! They have such souls!

Why is it so often necessary to get stuck more than once when they draw blood?! My veins are teeny and MOVE! Always they run away.....They have had enough pricking! At least it is over with for this time!

Keep the Dixie tidbits coming pls!

mel said...

Dogs are amazing!

That makes me wonder, though. Has Dixie ever alerted another diabetic due to low blood sugar? Or I guess "alerted you" when someone else was having a low.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a great average for that week!

It is so dang cold here isn't it!! Man - I'm ready for anything above 0 degrees!!

What a neat story about Dixie and that kid - amazing!

Bernard said...

That dog of yours is a wonder. I want one too. And I know my kids would love a dog (of any sort).

What a blessing.