Sunday, February 25, 2007


It snowed a lot over the last 24 hours. We have at least a foot. The hours of shoveling were good for my blood sugars, but my arms are so sore now.

Dixie loves the snow. She spent a lot of time outside in the yard jumping like a bunny through the snow piles. She would romp around, then stop and munch on the snow. I think she eats the snow to cool herself down. While I was shoveling in the back yard, Dixie alerted me. She started barking at me and then came over and chewed on my glove. I went inside and tested. Blood sugar was 47. Good thing she alerted because I wasn't even feeling any symptoms. I had two cups of Gatorade and went back outside. Good dog.


Brittney said...

Dixie sounds like a great dog. I think that is one of the best things about cainies, they are always on the look out. May I ask who/how she was trained? I'm a pre-vet student, and I've always been interested in service dog training. I know how hard it is to find a seizure dog (my mother has seizures and researched them), or rather a dog that is keen on seizure activity. Is that same with lows?

MileMasterSarah said...

are you in minnesota? this snow is beautiful!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I think I should begin every comment on your blog: OH, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER! DIXIE of course! Dixie must be so happy in the snow. Freja, who is younger than Skye, throws herself into snow drifts. When the first snow of the season comes and they see it in the morning, you can just see them stop and stare, like at a beautiful painting, and then off to play in it..... Kick it up and lick it up!

You must have the same problem I have of taking pictures of a dog that is BLACK. It is so difficult! But I like black b/c then the dog hair all over my clothes , which are usually black, does not show! White clothes are just out of the question. Dog hair makes cleaning the house a necessity!

I am sorry you did not feel that hypo..... but it is also kind of nice to know that I am not alone in "not feeling" them. Now I don't even feel in the 30s sometimes. Last week Per didn't even believe it was in the 30s - we tested 3 times in disbelief! It is so hard to treat it if you do NOT believe it. I think it is related to how fast the bg drops, but that does not make sense in this case b/c shoveling snow can make bg drop quickly. Anyhow, thank goodness you have Dixie! I am sending her a big warm cuddle. I wish I could really hug her and mush with her. Actually maybe she would not like that b/c she doesn't know me. Skye is kind of reserved with people he doesn't know. This I totally understand. Would you like a big hug from some one you didn't at all know.....YUCK. Enjoy your snow. All it does is rain here in this drippy, drip drip drip country.

Please do tell us how you train Dixie to hit the alarm button, if you are NOT having a hypo. Or do you do it when you ARE having a hypo and prewarn the people who take the messages? Do you have to plan a little hypo?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Good dog indeed!!

The snow is pretty - but I'm already tired of the sloppy driving and being plowed in!