Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hello 2007

Happy New Year. It’s 2007.

I have had a great week, diabetes wise. Just last night I was commenting how my highest blood sugar the last five days was 128! I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I made it through the holidays without feeling like I was chasing carbs with insulin. That’s what usually happens.

Moving into a new year, I’m thankful for: good friends, family, technology (that makes living with diabetes a whole lot easier), good health, Dixie, and a job that I like.

1 . JOB- A student with autism that I work with at school was so excited telling me about his Christmas. We had a chance to work alone, since the other student in our reading group was gone today. After a long discussion about our presents, we decided to skip our reading “lesson” and “just” read from Calvin and Hobbes books. He loves reading aloud and has such great expression. When it was time to leave, he left the room and then shortly reappeared. He smiled and said “It was fun today. Just you and me. See ya.” I’m fortunate to be able to connect with kids that way.

2. TECHNOLOGY- I just signed up for the Deltec Cozmo update for my pump. Apparently they will set me up with a new pump and new software! I can’t wait to get the new pump with new features. I love having the CozMonitor to attach to my pump. I'm hopeful about the development of continuous monitoring.

3. FAMILY- my sister helped me pay for Dixie. My mom gave me a new nutritional scale. My father wears his dam diabetes shirt with pride. I am lucky to have all kinds of family to support and love me.

4. FRIENDS- I have been blessed with people who support all sides of me. People who know what dam diabetes means.

5. DIXIE- I’ve written about Dixie. She has changed the quality of my life. She gives me confidence to be in control of my diabetes. I almost lost her this summer. Read the story of Dixie’s adventure here. (see Day 6 of the story) I got her back and am blessed to have her in my life.

6. GOOD HEALTH - Amen for that. Amen for one, and only one, complication. (hypoglycemia unawareness)

Good-bye to 2006. Hello 2007.


Michelle Freedman said...

Hi! Happy New Year - I am the mother of a 7-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 6 months ago. I am very curious about your dog Dixie! Would you be willing to share your story about her with us? Our blog is http://hililihilo.blogspot.com/

Minnesota Nice said...

Happy New Year Molly.
May you and Dixie have many new (and fun) adventures.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What super awesome blood sugars you had!!! Wow!!

That was a scary story about Dixie up north. Glad you two were reunited!