Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chicago Marathon

My sister is running in the Chicago Marathon tomorrow.

She is running to cure diabetes.

She told me that "I am going to pull through the hard parts because you pull through the hard parts."

Go get 'em B!

I love you and am proud to have you on my side.


Colleen said...

Sisters can be awesome.

Hope she has a great time tomorrow!

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is very touching Molly. I hope she did well.

Mimi said...


Please know that you sister is the hard and soul of our running group. She is such an amazing women, and talks about you often. I have know doubt that thoughts of you helped her with the record breaking Chicago heat.

Melissa said...

I second Mimi's comments. Your sis is amazing and such an inspiration to us all...she kicked that steamy marathon's butt! She talks about you to us and shared that you are an inpsiration to her...I hope we get to meet you someday soon!