Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Bit

I don't write about her often, but I have another dog.

Her name is Ella, and she just turned 7 years old. She is little, but strong.

Ella is a rat terrier mix. She came into my life when I needed a friend the most.

She was with me to welcome Dixie to my life. She taught Dixie how to live with people.

It's ying-yang. Ella is white, Dixie is black. Ella is little, Dixie is big. They love each other.

Happy Birthday my Little Bit.


asskeeper said...

Penny and Lilly say Happy Birthday Ella. You are a fantastic sister to Dixie. Penny and Lilly are Jack Russel terriers. The wanted to wish their doggy friend a happy birthday.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh she is just as cute as a button.And, please tell how both dogs got on top of the snow thing in the picture - maybe it wasn't as high as it looked..............

Also, thanks for the loon-link. I haven't been able to get into the site because it's popular and always busy. Will keep trying.

Molly said...

Asskeeper- Thanks.

Scott- They are adorable!

MN Nice- She is cute as a button.
O.k. the snow sculpture... Dixie was able to jump up on it (it was about 4 feet high). Ella needed a lift to get up on it. After Dixie jumped up, I put Ella on it and snapped a picture before Dixie jumped off. :-)
The loons are supposed to hatch in the next couple days! (Friday or Saturday!!!)

Jonah said...

How does having one dog who is with you all the time and one who's not work out? Did Ella go through a period of adjustment and if so what was that like?

Molly said...


Ella does stay at home all day, but not every day. She is a certified "therapy dog" and goes to an OT/Speech clinic twice a week.

Ella and Dixie seem to understand their roles. Ella is always happy to see Dixie when we get home!

Many service dog organizations won't place their dogs if you already have a pet dog at home. Fortunately, the place that Dixie came from didn't have that rule.

There was a period of adjustment when Dixie came, but not more that adding any other dog to a family.