Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pencils, books, and teacher's dirty looks

School is back in session.

It’s bittersweet. Summer is over. But it’s fun to see the kids. It’s especially fun for Dixie who loves her boys, and spent the summer without seeing them. She had some fun reunions last week. But it was a hot week. Temperature highs in the 90s, and a school without air conditioning. Not a good combination.

The beginning of school always brings crazy blood sugars. It’s always a time that I have to tweak my basal rates and readjust my carb ratio. I like to wake up in the morning with blood sugars in the 65-80 range. If I’m higher than that, I feel so sluggish to start my day. This week I haven’t had one blood sugar in my target range. So you can probably guess how my mornings have been going.

Back up to Labor Day weekend. After fighting with my medical supply company for a half an hour, they agreed to Fed-ex overnight me ONE Deltec cartridge. (because heaven knows that I can’t possibly really need more than that. I must be trying to “fool” the system!) My friend, Scott, very kindly offered to share one of his with me if the Fed-ex order didn’t come before I needed to leave for my trip. What a guy! Thanks Scott.

It was great to get back to the BWCA. It was just the kind of relaxing that I needed before starting school. I sat on a little beach at the campsite and read a good book, took pictures, and stared at the waves and clouds. We made trail pizza and hot pots of soup. It was peaceful and wonderful.

You may remember my post about glucagon and that my insurance company (prescription coverage) wouldn’t pay for it. It was submitted to my medical insurance and they also have refused to pay. I am so frustrated. I know I should be calling the company and fighting it, but I don’t want to.

I’m sick of dealing with people at companies who don’t have to spend their days living with diabetes. I’m sick of having to justify why I might need a couple extra test strips or a few more cartridges for my pump. I’m just sick of it. It’s one thing to live with diabetes and all the frustration that it brings trying to manage the disease…but it is too much, on top of that, to have to deal with insurance companies, claim personnel, and medical supply companies.

Yes, I know, be thankful that I have good health insurance. I am.

I just dream of things being simple.


Dixie is certainly happy to be back at school, although it seems like she wishes that summer vacation had lasted longer. After she goes outside for her lunch break, she is reluctant to come inside. It’s as if she’s saying, “Hey, it’s great out here. Sunny, warm, and there is so much to smell. Come on, we were outside all summer. Don’t make me go back in that school!” It takes us both a while to get back into the routine.


Minnesota Nice said...

Ooooh, that pic is so lovely. The color blue in the sky is perfect.

Denise said...

Ah isn't it great how they can find so much to smell. My husband says if Bailey could talk, she would be saying all the time "can you smell that"

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh Molly - what I too wouldn't give for a "simpler" world! I understand. Beyond just managing this disease we have all the hassle of not-understanding people. OMG - ONE cartridge! What IF it doesn't function properly? The thought even raises MY bg value. And yours? And then - oh no, don't get stressed! And the glucagon - how can they possible rationalize THAT! I too am like you, I try to attain a low bg value on awakening. This is so important for the rest of the bg values during the entire day! It is not just a matter of feeling sluggish! That is how it works for me at least. Molly, look at the blue sky. It is all the little things out there that really help us/me the most - like the blue sky!

Scott K. Johnson said...

No problem Molly - glad to have helped if it came down to it.

I too get really frustrated when dealing with insurance stuff. It's one too many hoops to jump through. Urg. Seems that there has to be something that can be done - but the amount of energy it takes seems so large! Especially when you're pissed about having to deal with it in the first place.