Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back on the charts

Well…many site changes later and very frequent testing have brought my blood sugars back on the graph. Amen.

Times of wacky, unexplained high blood sugars kinda freak me out. I worry that my 12 years of pump use have completely fried my tissue. Specifically, the tissues of my abdomen. I worry that if I’m having scar tissue problems now, what will things be like with the next 12 years of pumping.

Taking a “pump vacation” isn’t really an option for me. Long acting insulin always caused more allergy problems, and so I’d have to just take frequent shots of regular or lispro. That doesn’t really feel like a “vacation,” just like setting up a tent in the backyard.

So I stand in front of the mirror, looking at my belly and hoping to see a viable place to put the catheter into, but the choices are pretty limited. I know that other people use their legs, etc.. for sites, but I just can’t do it. Or, at least, not yet. But I said the same thing about using my stomach in the past. Before I started pumping, I had not once given an injection in my stomach. Hell, the only way I would agree to a pump was to get Emla cream from my endo and numb my skin before inserting the needle. (back when I got the pump, it was assumed it would only be put in the abdomen)

I feel like I’m at a crossroad. I need to figure out other options and give my stomach a break.

For now, I’m happy that I am back in a good range and able to coast a little.


Scott said...

Back on the map!! Yeah!

Personally - I had one of those evil roller coaster days. We had lots of free food around work today, and clearly my carb counting /portion sizes stuff needs some serious review!

I still think I prefer those numerous but frequent trips off the chart rather than the line just floating mysteriously up there all day...

It can be very scary when you feel like you've exhausted all options for resolution, leaving the "scar tissue" theory hanging out there with no real way to prove or disprove it!
I too worry about scar tissue. It's been around 10 years for me on a pump.

I don't know what causes more or worse scar tissue. Leaving the infusion set in longer than 3 days, or is it the actual trauma of the introducer needle going in (in which case frequent site changes may even be worse).

I've not tried a site on my leg either. But, I do remember the first time I tried one on my rear. I was so nervous! But it was painless and worked great!

I may try a leg site one of these days too - what's the worst that could happen? It hurts like hell and you tear it out right away?

Uh - but still - I think I would have some real hesitation issues when it came time to try it.

Dam diabetes!

Lili said...

Can you try a different kind of set?

In Search Of Balance said...

Good to hear! It's such relief when, after many days of things going really wrong, they start to go right. Here's hoping they keep going that way! :)

Bernard Farrell said...


Good luck. I've been on pumps for about 8 years now and I'm also concerned about scarring.

I know this sounds horrible, but can I suggest trying the inside of your thigh? (I can't use the outside because of decades of regular injections.)

I started using this site recently. And believe me I squirmed for quite a bit before pushing those buttons. As Scott says worst is I could tear it out.

Anyway I've used these sites on both legs a small number of times (<10) and so far it's not hurt on insertion. On one site I did have a bleeder after a day or so that gave me wacky results until I changed it out.

mel said...

Sounds like you, Scott and I need to pick a date and do the leg site together. I am adamant that it isn't going to happen, yet I feel myself being strangely pulled towards trying it.

Are you allergic to Lantus!? I get funny looks from every doctor or drug rep I tell that I am allergic, like I'm the only freak or something. I can handle NPH and did for MANY years, but I'd rather not revisit that. Have you tried Levemir yet? I am interested in knowing if it's different enough to not cause a reaction.

MileMasterSarah said...

I use my arms, sides, and buttocks right now. They all get fairly decent absorption and much better than my tummy does in general.

Kerri said...

I use my thighs for infusion sites almost exclusively now. They don't hurt me a bit when I put them in and once I learned how to finagle the whole "taking off my pants" thing without ripping the site out, I was golden.

Seriously. Try it. It's not as bad as you think. :)