Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Can Do This

Diabetes is a frustrating, difficult disease. What keeps me going is all the people in my life who encourage me and stand with me to battle this disease day after day.

Kim came up with the idea to share our stories. Because we can do this.

So, here is my first official vlog.

I wanted to share a few things about living with diabetes for nearly 36 years.

You can do this.


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What an encouraging story, Molly. Thank you!

The Diabetic Camper said...

Keep up the hard work.

Minnesota Nice said...

Vloggers rule!!!!!
Molly that was so very cool. And fun to see Dixie in a deeply relaxed state...
THe more I wear my Keens the more I like them. WHen you were at your appt you could have hopped across the street and gotten another pair at Schuler's. I love the jazzy colors.

fiberenabler said...

Go Camp Needlepoint! I went when I was 9 or 10, 18ish years ago. I'm loving this project for all of the connections I'm feeling to people I've never met!

Barrett said...

Keep it up Molly! I too am trying to share some of my experiences and do my best to provide any Diabetes-related help I can. Check out my blog at, if you have time of course :) Thanks to individuals like you and I, as well as some of the others who have posted on your blog, Diabetes is not something people have to face alone. Support is all around, Diabetics just have to look for it :)