Friday, January 9, 2009

A NEW TOY for Dixie!

Yesterday when Dixie and I got home from school, there was a package in the mailbox addressed to Dixie.

We went in the house and opened it right away. Here is what was inside:

A while ago, I had posted that Dixie's favorite "go to" toy was broken. It didn't make the noise when it was squeezed. ("Merry Christmas, woof, woof!") She kept bringing it to me as if saying, "please fix it." I sent a picture of it to people all over the US.

Lucky for Dixie, my mom's friend's daughter living in California found a replacement at Walgreens. She bought it and brought it home. She called her mom who told her to go back to Walgreens and get more. When she did, all the Christmas things were gone.

Dixie carried the new toy around with her for an hour after we got home. When it was time for her to eat her dinner, she set the new toy by her dish and ate. When she was done eating she picked it back up.

Thanks, Janie. Dixie couldn't be more thrilled!


Jill said...

Oh how sweet! She looks like a happy girl :) I'll swing by the Walgreen's here in VA and see if they have them here (you can never have too many backups ;) LOL!)

Lynnea said...

I'll keep an eye out too!!:)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! That is SO AWESOME!!!!

Colleen said...

Yay! I'm so glad someone spotted one. Love the photo of Dixie!

George said...

that is so cute! yay Dixie!

Minnesota Nice said...

I actually looked for one at the Hallmark store in Southdale - "do you have any ornaments that are squeaky and a dog would chew on?"
The clerk (obviously a temp) looked at me like I was missing some attic insulation and walked away.

Donna said...

It's hard to explain to dogs why something doesn't work anymore, isn't it? I'm glad you've got a replacement now. :)