Sunday, November 9, 2008

D-blog day!

Happy D-Blog Day!

The diabetes O.C. is an amazing community. I have learned many things, and have had "yeah, me too!!!" moments over and over again. It's nice to have a group of people to go to when I need questions answered or support to keep trying.

Thanks, everyone! Keep on blogging.

Molly and Dixie (that's her new school picture above)


AmyT said...

Happy D-Blog Day to you!

See my post today at

Unfortunately, comments seem to be down at my site right now, but keep trying tomorrow, pleeeaaassseee...


Colleen said...

What a great pic of Molly! Do they put her photo in the yearbook?

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh, Ms D has a beautiful smile.
Happy D Blog Day to my neighbor.
Big woof to Dixie and mini woof to Ella!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy D-Blog Day! Adorable picture! I too wonder about the yearbook (great question Colleen!)?

Molly said...

hey Scott and Colleen.
Yes. Dixie's picture is in the yearbook every year, and kids at school ask to have a "trader" picture of hers. (the little ones that kids trade) :-)

Sandra Miller said...

Awww... Dixie looks so sweet in that photo. :-)

Happy D-Blog Day to you too, Molly!

Colleen said...

I really do know the difference between Molly and Dixie, honest! Duh!
How neat that Dixie is in the yearbook!

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask the same question about Dixie - great diabetic minds think alike.

So now the only question left to ask is... how did you get her to smile for the camera? ;)

Happy D-Blog Day!