Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dam diabetes

I had a hell of an early morning.

I got up at 3:30 am (Dixie was pawing at me) and felt horrible! Tested and was 371. I am flabbergasted! I rarely am even above 200. I check ketones and they are large. I must not have been getting insulin for a couple hours. My infusion set was wet, so I knew that it must be kinked. I wasn't getting any insulin.

I changed the site, and then my pump gave me an "occluded" alarm. I tried clearing it and continuing to prime the line. I thought maybe the new site was kinked. I pulled it out. It was straight and perfect. I couldn't get the pump to deliver any insulin. I tried attaching a new line of tubing to it. Still, it just kept telling me that it was occluded. (sure, now it tells me. wish it would have alarmed hours ago)

I was frustrated with the pump, so I went downstairs to get the box from Smith that had a new pump in it for me. Last week, I noticed that my pump screen had a funny line on it, so I called Smith Medical and they sent me a new one. I hadn't set it up yet. I knew that it would take me a little while to get it up and running. I had to hand program all my personal data.

I decide that I can't wait for the pump. I needed insulin pronto!! I gave a BIG shot of insulin. (which, frankly, I haven't done for years and am glad that I don't do multiple daily hurts!!) I went back upstairs with my now programmed pump. I put in another infusion set and hooked up to the new pump.

Then I started vomiting. (I am really sensitive to blood sugars over 180) I'm laying on the bathroom floor, waiting for the insulin to kick in. My blood sugar finally starts to come down because of the insulin I took with the syringe. I crawl into bed, shivering, and try to rest. No luck. I have to get up again and vomit. Finally around 5:30am, I fell asleep.

I get up this morning and have a decent blood sugar. A little low--72. I get up and head down to the kitchen to have some powerade. I pull up my shirt to inspect the new pump site. It's wet. I wipe it with my finger and smell it. It's insulin. All the insulin that I took with the syringe must have held me for a couple hours, because I certainly wasn't getting any insulin from the pump.

I go upstairs and put in ANOTHER pump site. (the third one in the last 5 hours) I pull the old one out, and it's KINKED. What the heck??? I don't know if I have a bad batch of sets, or what is the problem.

This has maybe happened to me 6 times in the 15 years I've been pumping. Now it happens two times in one morning.

Now I sit with a new pump site in, wondering if it's kinked too. I have a horrible headache, my muscles hurt from throwing up, and I am really frustrated.

Dixie has been glued to me all day.

Thank goodness I don't work in the summer. I would have called in sick today.

Dam diabetes!


Colleen said...

Give Dixie a hug from me for waking you! Hope you are feeling better.

Minnesota Nice said...

Dam diabetes is dam right!!!! How awful. I had forgotten that D also alerted you to high bg - lucky she woke you up before you went any higher.

wendy said...

What a tough night! What a great dog! I hope you feel better now.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage.

Mike Hussey said...

Diabetic retinopathy could be associated with poorer memory and diminished brain power in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to a new research.