Thursday, April 10, 2008

Molly needs....

I saw this meme on Penny's site and it made me laugh, so I thought that I would give it a try too. (I googled Molly+needs and these are the lines that came up) Good timing really. I've been wanting to post, but have been SO BUSY with the move.

Molly needs medical care
Well of course she does. She has dam diabetes. Which has been settling down the last couple of days after battling many lows the last two weeks.

Molly needs a new pair of shoes
O.k. I probably do. Or I need to start gambling so that I can shout out “Molly needs a new pair of shoes!!”

Molly needs a home
Actually I have a new home! The moving process is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I feel like I will be living out of boxes and looking for things for the rest of my life. This really should say "Molly needs to get off her computer and unpack some boxes in her new home."

Molly needs a title
How about “Your highness” or maybe “She who must be obeyed”

Molly needs a special surgery called a bulla osteotomy

Oooo! That sounds scary! I hate medical procedures, and this sure doesn’t sound like a fun one. I’m thinking that if I really “needed” this special surgery, I would have some symptoms. Thankfully, I don’t. (except diabetes, which I don’t believe requires a bulla osteotomy…)

Molly needs our prayers

Who doesn’t, really? I need you to pray that I unpack the boxes in time to find shorts to wear for the summer. Otherwise, I’m going to look pretty silly laying by the pool with my fleece pants on.

Molly NEEDS our prayers
I guess I need a LOT of prayers in order to find those shorts!

Molly needs a slogan for 3rd grade student council race
The third grade class in my school has some neat kids. I don't think that I have a chance at winning. My slogans would surely be something like, “Vote for Molly. She is really old for a third grader!” Or “Vote Molly. Any third grader with that much gray hair probably knows a few things.”

Molly needs a puppy sitter

I’m just guessing here… but I bet if I really did need a Dixie sitter, there would be at least ONE person from the diabetes OC that would enjoy spending some time with my big, black dog!

Molly needs a haircut
I just got one, but it looks horrible. So this really should say, “Molly needs to wear a hat until her hair grows back.”

Molly needs to go here for a slang update
This was probably a suggestion from one of my students. I'm just not sure where "here" is located. (or is that slang for something) If you know, tell me.

Molly needs to diplomatically approach her principal and share her concerns
I guess that says it all. Unfortunately, I’m not always much of a diplomat. But I do have concerns.

Dixie Tidbit

Dixie needs more time in her new backyard and less time at boring old school!
Dixie LOVES her new backyard. When we get home from school, she bounds around the backyard for a good 1/2 hour. She loves country living.

Dixie needs a homeopathic tick prevention product that works
Man, the ticks are already out in full force here in the midwest. I've pulled many off of Dixie, including two deer ticks. (those are the little buggers that transmit Lyme's disease.) Dixie is going to the vet this weekend to get her Lyme's shot. Two years ago I treated Dixie with Frontline, and she got really sick from it. I'm mostly opposed to putting those chemicals on her anyway. She is currently wearing a flea/tick collar, because I don't think that they're quite as toxic... but it's going to be a long summer pulling ticks. Ugh.

Dixie needs a belly rub
She loves a good belly rub. Always.


Minnesota Nice said...

How do you know which homeopathic tick things work? Sounds risky.
When we were growing up we had a ywllow lab that always came home with enormous engorged ticks on her. Our evening entertainment was pulling them off, one by one, and smashing them on the sidewalk with a hammer. (I know, I know, there wasn't much to do in smalltown Mn.)
Your new home looks just lovely. May you have many happy times there.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Your new place looks FANTASTIC!

And I think you can count TWO OC'ers that would happily hang with Dixie.


Donna said...

This was so funny. I especially loved when you said, "I need to start gambling so that I can shout out “Molly needs a new pair of shoes!!” That is hilarious!

Hey, if you need a Dixie-sitter, send her our way. Our dogs would love a new friend to add to the club. I can't believe she has ticks already. Yikes!

Oh my Sophie loves the belly rub. She immediately flips over on her back when our kids come over & expects that immediate belly rub. She's not spoiled or anything. LOL!

Thanks for making me laugh today. Some days we really need that, huh?

Denise said...

Me Me Me Me!!! I want to puppy sit. Anytime. I would even rub her belly too. She is so cute.