Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The Rules:

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3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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1. In college, I worked a summer at Deli Express. Making sandwiches on an assembly line is a heck of a lot harder than you would think!

2. Growing up, I was so afraid of dogs. I would get low being around dogs because it was so stressful. Kind of funny to think of that now, since I spend 24/7 with a big, black dog.

3. My dad bought us gerbils when we were young to teach us responsibility. The last set of gerbils we had were three little guys that lived in a cage in the basement. We were supposed to be learning responsibility by feeding, watering, and cleaning the cage. One day I went down to feed them and the gerbils were gone! Apparently it had been a month since I had wandered down there. The gerbils had died. I won’t go into detail, but there was some cannibalism involved.

4. I love diet soda. There isn’t really a time during the day that you won’t see me near one. My favorite kind is diet mountain dew. I’ve been trying to cut back, because of all the bad press about diet soda. But I really don’t like non-fizzy drinks.

5. I was the first female bag girl hired at the grocery store near my childhood home. The uniform was a button up shirt and blue slacks. The manager asked me what my dress shirt size was. (Apparently he forgot that women don’t measure “dress shirts” the same way that men do)

6. I am the middle child in my family. My sister is three years older, and my brother is three years younger.

7. I used to be an assistant coach for a high school girls hockey team. I played hockey as a child (until I left for college) and LOVE the sport. I coached for seven years. I gave it up because it was becoming another full time job, on top of my teaching career.


1. Dixie loves furry toys with squeakers in them. She isn’t hard on them either…she is very gentle with even the smallest toys. If they rip, it’s because she likes to play “tug” with a person. The picture above is Dixie with her new toy at school.

2. Dixie’s favorite treat lately is “real chicken breast wrapped around a slice of apple.” (That’s what the package says) They also sell "chicken wrapped around banana" and "chicken wrapped around liver" and she likes those too!

3. She loves presents. The first holiday she celebrated at school, some of my students brought presents for her. She figured out that gift bags=good things. Now, whenever she sees a gift bag, she wags her tail and tries to put her head in the bag. She hasn’t really figured out that some presents aren’t for her.

4. She has a big dog bed at school that we call her “couch.” Kids love to lay in her couch with her for snuggles.

5. Dixie is afraid of paper or plastic bags that have groceries. She hates unpredictable noises and movement. It’s very hard for her to ride in the car after I’ve shopped. She is stressed the entire time. We’re working on some desensitization.

6. She caught and killed a rabbit at school. She was ecstatic. I was mortified.

7. Dixie loves having her low-back scratched. She will turn around and face her back end to people in the hopes that she gets a good scratch.

Dixie and I don’t think that there is anyone left to tag! If you’re reading this and haven’t been tagged “You’re IT!!”


Colleen said...

Wow! Seven from Dixie! I think I should get extra credit for tagging you.

Minnesota Nice said...

One of life's big ironies - you being afraid of dogs as a child.

I'm assuming the rabbit she killed was a wild one from outdoors and not a classroom pet.........

When I was young we had two guinea pigs named "Oscar" and "Felix". During the summer they stayed outside in a big cage. One morning I discovered they had walked away during the night. I hink someone left the door to the cage open. (I think her name was Mom).

Scott K. Johnson said...

Molly! That was such a cool surprise to get 7 from Dixie too!

I too think it's pretty funny that you were scared of dogs.. hehe!

Chris said...

God i love Dixie.
You should have been a verse in Alanis Morrisettes Ironic song...that is crazy.!