Friday, April 6, 2007

New Deltec

I got my upgraded, complimentary Deltec pump with new features. I have it up and running and have dabbled into some of the features that my old Deltec didn’t have. (hypo manager, disconnect feature, etc.) I like it. I like the fact that the company made improvements to the pump and then passed along those improvements to their customers, free of charge. That feels good. The only drawback was taking the “test” on the internet after watching video clips that describes where and how to use the new features. It took me close to an hour to do, but now I feel like it was worth it. All I have left to do in the process is send Smith Medical my old pump in the provided, postage paid box.

As a teacher, I use an Apple computer. That’s what I have access to at school, and it’s what I have at home. The CoManager software that is available is only usable on a PC. I’ll have to figure out a time to get access to a PC so that I can at least name this pump. Not sure if I should name it Squirt like my last pump, or if it’s time for a new name. I don’t like looking at the home screen and seeing the name Cozmo on there. I need my own name. Any ideas?

I was reading Scott’s blog, and it seemed like something that I could have written. I’m sick of diabetes. Tired of site changes and strips. Sick of carrying supplies with me. Frustrated with overbolusing for meals and then having to eat more when I’m not hungry. Sometimes I feel like I’m just coasting along, and don’t even really think about all that I’m doing. Then it changes. Everything feels like more work. I get mad about little things in diabetes care that don’t usually faze me. Today… it feels exhausting.

Hopefully tomorrow, it won’t.


Dixie and I went shopping today. We were getting ready to go home, and I opened the back hatch of my car for her to jump in to. She sat and stared at me. I encouraged her to “hop in.” She sat and stared. So I got out my Flash and tested. As soon as I opened the case, Dixie jumped in the car. Blood sugar = 78. Not horribly low, but too low for her. I had a couple sips of powerade and waited about 10 minutes. Retested and was at 85. I drove home. Man, she’s a good dog! I’m lucky.


Johnboy said...

Hey Molly,

I like the new Cozmo features as well. I felt like I had to keep pushing and communicating with the company to get it, but I do appreciate them providing it gratis.


Minnesota Nice said...

She is such a wonder.
Molly, just remember that funky moods do not last forever - things will shift and your mood will too.
(yeah, yeah, I know talk is cheap)
Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

jello5500 said...

To do the Mac/Cozmo connection, I am using an Intel-based Mac, Parallels Desktop, and Windows--it has worked fine for me with my pump.

I am still waiting to be contacted so that I, too, can replace my Cozmo pump. . . .

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks Molly - it does get tiring sometimes. We are amazing in how we find a way to manage and move on with life too.

Dixie is amazing. I hope to get the chance to meet you both one of these days!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I am SO jealous - the upgrades are not yet available in Belgium!!!!! WHY - my CDE says b/c it is such a freaking teeny country! What is that for stupid reason!!!! Please tell me - has the text on the screen stayed the same? I think that sometimes the text is blurry. I have asked Per to read it and he had difficulty too. Sometimes the test is too little! Any changes on the text clearness and size?

YES - please give DIXIE a hug from me - she IS the greatest. Skye is so happy to be home after his stay in a kennel when we were in Croatia. I have posted pics. I saw a HUGE malamute in Dubrovnik. He was so beautiful! I always go around looking at dog when I am on trips without Skye.

Bernard said...


Thanks for the info for my poll.

Can I tell you that I want Dixie? Every time I see a picture of her and read one of your stories, I think how nice it must be to have such a helper.

And let me tell you, her user interface beats a Dexcom CGM hands down!